What is the best Hunting Tag?

The best hunting tag is the one you are currently ready for. Now what on earth does that mean? Let me explain. Hunting is such a progressive sport, inherently this is what makes us hunters. We are constantly wanting to test ourselves, we want to see what is on the other side of the mountain. To an extent we are adrenaline junkies who get our fix differently than the X-games athletes. This adrenaline comes in a number of ways like whether it be as we ascend to the top of a mountain, experience a new terrain or ecosystem on the planet,  or maybe we culminate a hunt on something that is a little older and bigger than we have done previously. 

Best hunting tag is one you want?

So what is the best hunting tag, it really is the one you are ready for. If you are new to hunting whether it be that you are just becoming old enough to go hunting in your particular state, or maybe you have recently passed your hunters education course and are ready to get started on a new venture in your adult years, the hunt that is a good fit for you is different than someone who has been at it for a number of years. So where do we begin, if you are just looking to get started like anything in life having some success helps poor gas on a fire, and there are some hunts that can really up your odds of being successful sooner than later. In my opinion a very good starter hunt would be a cow elk hunt or an antelope. There are whitetail hunts in different parts of the country that have super high success rates, and offer an exciting free range experience that you can cut your teeth on. The idea is to get into an area where you don’t have to be successful on the first and maybe only viable opportunity that presents itself. Each of these options, if in the right area with the right help you can be successful. If you are looking for more of a do-it-yourself experience this is available as well, but may take some time to put together as you will need to draw a permit in one of the state lottery systems and drawing an area that has lots of public land available which may take a couple of years in order to draw a quality permit. 

The right experience hunting tags

So once you have a few of these high success hunts under your belt, the itch for something different happens to us all and is that progression that we spoke of earlier. So once you are ready to take the next step, Bull Elk and Mule Deer seems to be a natural fit for many hunters who are looking for this next step. Like anything baby steps is a good idea, looking for hunts and areas that have higher than average success rates will ensure a smooth transition into this chapter of your story. Once you have found some success then you can really spread your wing, there are many different styles of hunting when it comes to these species, from low impact ranch hunts, all the way to above timberline wall tent and horseback style hunts that tend to be much more physical, but also offer a next level of accomplishment. 

Trophy quality hunting tags

          A pattern we seem to see at this point for many hunters once they have a stack of antlers in their garage that they can’t run and jump over is that although they have been successful, they have not been able to fill a nagging void that after all of the hunting and all of the adventures they have still not been able to come home with something exceptional regardless of the species. This normal progression if addressed early on in your endeavors will come smoothly. Using the different application systems to create your hunting opportunities early on will eventually make way for a chance to hunt in one of the premier areas of the country. This may take even 10+ years, but for the minimal investment compared to purchasing an equal hunt over-the-counter is ten fold. 

Hard to get hunting tags

Other paths that may get your attention would be considering some of the more intense mountain hunts like Bighorn Sheep or Mountain Goat. You may find that chasing predators like Mountain Lion or Bears is what you enjoy, or maybe the call for the unknown will take you across the oceans to places like Africa, Europe, and New Zealand. The happens to many hunters and can result in a once-in-a-lifetime experience or it may lead down a path that leaves you wanting more always, and with all the different species available you may find that your favorite animal to hunt or the best tag to have is for something that you have never hunted before. 

Make a plan to get your hunting tag.

No matter where you are in your progression as a hunter, the best tag is the one you are looking forward to the most, it is the one that keeps you up at night, and consumes your thoughts at work and home. The trick to stretching this itch is to make a plan. Is it time to put your thoughts on paper. Write down what you want most. When you can go or when you will make time to go.  Ask yourself questions like, do I want to hunt during the rut?  Do I need to see a lot of animals to make the tag worth it?  Who do I want to go with me?  Is there a guide I want to hunt with or hunt with again?  Am I willing to wait the years it might take to draw this tag?  Someone has to draw.   Do I want to hunt in a place where I have the same odds as everyone else in drawing the tag? Once you have answered these questions then you really have a great start to your hunting plan.  You might want to find someone to help you make a plan that may ask more questions than these.  Making a plan and following through with a successful hunt can really be a blast.

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