What are your hunting goals?

hunter and a dog

Hunting is a very progressive sport, there seems to be a desire for many hunters to go further down the rabbit hole so to speak, and there is a desire that seems to build to continually challenge ourselves. This can come in many different ways, whether it be a new ecosystem, an older age class …

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What is the best Hunting Tag?

The best hunting tag is the one you are currently ready for. Now what on earth does that mean? Let me explain. Hunting is such a progressive sport, inherently this is what makes us hunters. We are constantly wanting to test ourselves, we want to see what is on the other side of the mountain. …

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Elk Hunting Tips in Utah


There are many options when considering an elk hunt in Utah including over-the-counter options as well as limited entry draw opportunities. You can break down elk hunting in Utah into three categories, using these tips found in this article you may be able to find a hunt that is a perfect fit based on your …

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Best Hunt Plan

hunter planning with map

This is a question we receive often. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer because when we build a Hunt Plan. The reason for this is because rarely do we work with two hunters who are looking to accomplish the same goals and being that a Hunt Plan is designed to address your goals then …

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A Guide to Hunting Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn Antelope

Hunting antelope in the Western United States is available in almost all of the states west of Kansas. Getting to hunt them often includes either drawing a permit, purchasing a landowner permit, or even a few over-the-counter options if you are looking to hunt as often as you can.  Once you have a permit there …

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Where can I hunt elk?

Elk in a field

Elk as a general rule is the most broad topic when discussing North American big game hunting. The reason for this is because there is a broader price point, and diverse habitat, and styles of hunting available of any of the North American animals bar none.  Knowing that if you ask the question of ‘Where …

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What is Hunting?

Hunters and Guide

What an interesting question, What is hunting? The dictionary defines the word of hunting to mean; the activity of hunting wild animals or game, especially for food or sport. This obviously is correct but leaves a lot on the table, so to speak.  History of hunting and its meaning Hunting is many different things for many different people. …

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